Innsbruck, also known as the Capital of the Alps was a quick 24 hour stop in this beautifully charming town after we spent a week at the slopes in Mayrhofen (just an hour drive away). It's known as the capital of the alps and home to many winter sports as there are slopes right by the city (it's quite common to see people in snow gear carrying their equipment for the snow adventures for the day) while you're wandering around the town! I dare say it was the perfect town to be strolling around this town after a fun packed week. 

We chose to stay at the Ibis just next to the train station for convenience as we had all our snowboarding gear & luggage with us and wanted to make sure the journey back to the airport (20 mins from the train station on Bus Route F fyi) was as easy as possible.

Our room didn't come with breakfast included so we filled up on a delicious brunch at The Breakfast Club where you can pretty much choose omelettes cooked in any way you like with the fillings that you enjoy the most. This cute little cafe is unassuming but great for a warm, filling breakfast and great value for the amount of food you get!

Every turn we made on these streets were utterly breathtaking and I think we stopped about a million times to take photos of every house at every angle possible, exactly what one imagines a beautiful town so close to the alps to look like.

Feeling full and energised from breakfast we headed towards the hills towards Bergisel where you can talk a 2.5km stroll around the PanoramaRunde (Panorama around Bergisel) around the ski jump located there. Here you'll find gorgeous views of the town as well being wowed at the impressive ski jump structure. 

Everywhere we looked we saw the gorgeous backdrop of snow capped mountains with the town in the foreground and we definitely saw how Innsbruck ranks as one of Austria's most beautiful towns! Another place to check out if you have time (sadly we didn't!) is the Zaha Hadid funicular to get you up to the ski slopes and also an extremely impressive bit of architecture!

While up here if you have time you can also visit the Tirol Panorama Museum (we didn't have time for this personally, but the building looked impressive!)

We walked through the Aldstadt numerous times gazing each time at all the buildings in the old town while getting tempted with the shops that these buildings housed. We were feeling peckish after our non stop strolling so we hastily made our way over to Strudel Cafe Kroll for an all round amazing apple strudel (if apple strudels aren't your cup of tea there are a load of other flavours you can choose from - the 2nd time we went back to this store I had the chocolate strudel - unconventional, but hey it was tasty!)

Head straight from the old town (Aldstadt) for the River Inn which flows within Switzerland, Austria and Germany. Once here, you'll find the beautiful Austrian buildings reflecting the river in the light onto these gorgeous buildings.

We strolled along the River Inn and did a loop of the river on both sides of the banks just to the borders of the Old Town and definitely recommend this route for a nice, peaceful stroll.

Did I mention how much I loved these colourful houses in this town?

Depending on what you feel like for dinner, Burritos at Machete or Gasthaus Anich for more traditional Austrian fare. The portions here are very generous and very tasty. We actually ate at the Gasthaus the night we arrived in Innsbruck, so for our last meal in Innsbruck we indulged in burritos! At machete, you choose how hungry you are, what kind of meat you want and any extras you want on top of what is already included. After a week of eating purely meaty foods that the Austrian do best, scoffing down a burrito with plenty of hot sauce was the perfect way to end the trip!

We Flew: British Airways, We Stayed: Ibis Innsbruck Hotel




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