Menorca was a highly anticipated holiday for us this year, it being for my birthday weekend and us largely craving some sunshine, sea & stunning surroundings. As it is a smaller island than its more famous neighbours of Mallorca & Ibiza we had a more chilled out break planned out ahead of us.

Google Menorca and you'll very quickly see that the island is full of turquoise bays and sandy beaches so we knew we were going to be completely spoiled for choice for beaches to visit. Knowing we had somewhat limited time on the island we spent the whole time beach hopping on the island to try and find our favourite beaches (and we list them here!) We were also told a few times within the first couple of hours we were there the best beaches are the ones not directly next to allocated parking areas, but ones you have to walk about upwards of about 30 mins to and we definitely feel this rang true during our time there, so be prepared! 

There are plenty of all-inclusive type resorts to stay at (as expected on an island such as Menorca) but we decided to base ourselves in the Ciutedella so we would be well placed to explore all the beaches we wanted to. Additionally, it allowed us to enjoy a truly local breakfast of tomatoes spread on toast at Cafe Imperi. 

We stayed at 971 Hotel Con Encanto in the heart of the Ciutedella

Our first water spot of the long weekend was at Cala en Brut which isn't really a beach but more so a sheltered cove. We arrived early to snag a spot close enough to the access to the water coupled with peaceful surroundings. 

Cala'n Forcat right next to Cala en Brut 

Cala Blanca Just before Cala en Bosc

Swimming and snorkelling tired us out quite quickly so we found a seafront restaurant at the closest marina. Just next to it was Cala en Bosc which we didn't have time for, but looked like another beach to come back to.

Conscious that most of the beaches on our list were on the south coast, we decided to mix it up and venture up to the north coast to Cala Pregonda, where we parked at and then walked for about 20-30 minutes to find this amazing gem!

One of the best ways to end the day in Menorca is to cook your own dinner at Cuk-Cuk where we cooked a Menorcan fish stew which was the most tasty thing (not only because we participated in cooking it!)

Day 2 was very similar where we enjoyed a delicious breakfast in the morning sun and hopped along to Cala Turqueta. Remember to head there early to snag a good spot (I say away from the lifeguard's lookout if you wanted a more peaceful lie in the sun!). Our next beach that day was a quick peek at Cala Galdana and then a 25 minute walk through some shaded trees to Cala Mitjana which was one of my favourite beaches of the trip! If you so fancy, there's a tall jump rock to keep you occupied while at this beautiful beach! 

Cala Turqueta

Lunch stop at Restaurant El Gallo

Cala Galdana... from above

Cala Mitjana

The waters in all these beaches were very calm & sheltered so definitely bring a floaty along with you if you want a rest after snorkelling through those crystal blue waters - you can float your day away that way!

We knew wherever we ate in Menorca would please our appetites regardless of budget however for dinner that night we decided to try out something apart from seafood tapas that we knew we could easily hop into any place for. Smoix was highly recommended and we were unquestionably satisfied and stuffed from the meal - a must try if you're around the Ciutedella.

Our final day in Menorca again largely looked like day 1 and day 2 - wake, beach, eat and repeat! Our first beach of choice was Cala Macalaretta - this is a small beach off the larger, more populated Macarella and about a 20-ish minute walk around the cove to get to. (Tip: if you want to minimise the walking you do, park in the paid parking for 5 euros at the bottom rather than drive up to the top for the free one!) Just as we were about to work our way down into Cala Macalaretta we saw a small sign that signalled it was a nudist beach however there is a good mix of nudists vs non nudists so don't feel like you need to - but there is no one stopping you from doing so if you wish! If you don't fancy walking over to Macalaretta and you are a confident enough swimmer you can easily swim over as the water is calm enough to do so. A positive about being a Macalaretta is the availability of a restaurant / bar (Cafe Susy) where you don't need to be as well prepared with your supplies for the day which is always useful.

Our last beach of our time on the bucket list worthy island of Menorca was at Cala En Porter. This is a way more developed beach front with shops, restaurants and cafes just off the beach front so expect more tourists, families and crowds in general but I dare say you can't go wrong with any beach you get to in Menorca. 

We dropped by Mahon before our flight since it was 20 minutes away from the airport and stopped for a bite at Restaurante Ses Forquilles. If here, you definitely can't go past the chorizo lollipops - so much flavour in 1 bite!

Menorca, we will be back to explore your other untouched white sandy beaches, private coves and those turquoise blue waters that make our jaw drop at your beauty!


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