If Zermatt and best food you can get on the european slopes are on the list, then Cervinia is for you. Being on the Italian side is definitely a cheaper way to do this as you'll be paying Euros rather than Swiss Francs! Cervinia is not a huge town & didn't have loads of apres going on, however staying there is an affordable way to do more of a chalet style holiday, with warm afternoon tea ready for you once you come back from a hard day on the slopes and unlimited wine in the evenings which is always great!

The village of Cervinia is situated at 2,050 m and at it the highest point of 3,883 m this resort is definitely snow sure. We went quite early in the season so snow cover was limited however there was still plenty of open pistes to snowboard/ski on! 

Cervinia is probably most famous for being on the other side of the Matterhorn, the logo of the Toblerone! The Italian side of the Matterhorn doesn't quite look the same (in fact a lot smaller that what you would expect it to look that some of our group were even debating if it was it or not!)

One thing to note about the lift system and infrastructure of the resort is that the lifts do take quite a long time to get up to the very top of the mountain so make sure to factor this into your day of planning where you want to end up!

However, if you get an all mountain pass that grants you access to the Swiss side of the mountains you'll get to see the Matterhorn in all its glory and also to snowboard/ski to famous Swiss ski towns like Zermatt & enjoy a whole load more of pistes during your time there. We found that the infrastructure of the Swiss side is also quite a bit more efficient than that of the Italian side. 

Apparently without the ski pass the a ride the matterhorn railway (as in photos above) costs a whole 86 Swiss Francs for a return trip as it doubles up as a popular tourist train ride to get to the Gornergrat viewpoint on top of the mountain. This is handy to note for those that want to see the Matterhorn & great views but aren't so keen on winter sports! 

There are days where we sometimes feel like this too! 

There's a great igloo area past the Zermatt slopes just off one of the runs which is pretty cool to check out & have a relaxing beverage under the sun! I think there is accommodation offered at the iglu-dorf if you fancy a night tucked away in a sleeping bag! 

However if you do venture to the Swiss side you'll need to make sure you keep an eye on the time & also last lift times back to the Italian side as getting stuck on the wrong side of the border can be quite costly and apparently will be a 6 hour taxi ride home! 

We Stayed: Dragon Hotel via Interactive Ski/Inghams, flights included in package


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