Sicily, the biggest island in the Mediterranean just south of Italy had been on our list to visit for a while with its vast amount of things you can do, see & eat. We started our first Sicilian adventure in Palermo, the capital of Sicily with its plentiful history and to this day the streets have remained largely untouched through the years with plenty of Arabic influence through the city. 

We made a quick pit stop in Mondello en route to the city of Palermo from the airport (PMO) and enjoyed a quick beach / seaside walk before heading to the organised chaos of Palermo.

Teatro Massimo - you can get a tour from 8 euros or if you're lucky when you visit Sicily there might be something on that sparks your interest!

Quattro Canti - centre point of the 4 areas of the old town centre. The sculptures were commissioned by the Spanish Viceroy in 1611 & each of the 4 corners depicts a different theme. You'll find loads of baroque architecture dotted around Palermo, there's definitely no shortage of beautiful buildings you can stop and admire while in this bustling city.

With loads of mosaics & gorgeous churches / cathedrals in the city to visit it might be hard to choose one, but if you only have time for one make sure you check out Palazzo dei Normanni where you'll find the Palatine Chapel (Capella Palatina) filled with gold mosaics and wow factor.

Mercato del Capo is well known for it's fresh food open daily from 7am-8pm however likewise with a lot of European cities, are not open on Sundays.

We had our first Gelato brioche in Palermo and it was the most amazing thing of the day. The creamy nuttyness of the gelato coupled wiht the sweetness of the brioche such a good combination we were wondering why it hadn't been thought of earlier. There was also a sneaky bit of extra chocolate gelato within the cones as well which we loved!

For dinner, check out Restaurant Bellotero, rated by the Michelin Guide and quite a formal restaurant by Palermo standards but food was tasty and the service was enjoyable.

After exploring Palermo we headed towards Trapani where we stayed the night and caught a ferry from the port towards Isola Favignana. 

On this island you can easily hire a scooter to putt around this small but absolutely stunning island - there are many beach stops to drop by while you're here, or you take your pick of what could look like your favourite one & stay all day there!

Our favourite stop of the day was at Cala Rossa, because as you can see from the photos we saw the the milkiest of blues in the water yet was so clear at the same time - I couldn't help but gasp at the gorgeousness of the water!

Lunch stops are few around the island, but we managed to find this cute little kiosk where Matt picked up a delicious arancini. Also, how cute is the stall as well - just like something out of the movies!

The stops that you can take around the island are really endless and the water is just as inviting everywhere you look! There are also little orange carts dotted around and from these carts you can pick up a super refreshing orange or lime granita - highly recommended!

When arriving back in Trapani, be sure to check out Al Vicoletto close to the port and in the old town. It's slightly hidden down an alleyway, but the search for this restaurant is definitely well worth it! While in Trapani, try and choose the busiate pasta dish, a local speciality and extremely delicious!


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