48 hours in: Lapland

I figured what better way to end our Lapland adventure than to spend a night in an igloo? When thinking of an igloo I also didn't quite fancy an ice igloo (being freezing cold while I was supposed to be sleeping & getting up to walk around didn't quite appeal to me at the time), so instead I had my heart set on staying at the glass igloos at Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort. Being a group of 5 we booked a small igloo (sleeps 2) and a large igloo (sleeps 4). The thought of being able to gaze out into the darkness from the comfort of the beds & hopefully see the Northern Lights eventually convinced Matt too, who entirely sure about the hefty price of the per night cost at the Village. The igloos are heated to a cosy 22 degrees and the small ones contain only a small bathroom with a basin & toilet, while the big igloos also contain a shower & a toilet. 

We got dropped off at the Village post our husky tour by the kind staff of Kamisak Husky Farm and checked into our igloos straight away. The igloo, I tell you, felt like absolute heaven after 2 nights with no proper shower, running water, electricity & only wood fired heating. After dropping off our bags we slowly trudged our way to the Santa Claus Celebration House (you won't miss it - it's completely lit up & looks super festive) where dinner is served. The Village was magical with its lights twinkling amongst snow covered roofs, trees, and pathways. Dinner was a 3 course meal but nothing to write home about but did the job of filling our bellies up. We were super keen to get back to our igloos to just lie in bed and gaze out into the sky, so dinner was a quick & peaceful one (we were all connected to wifi at this point) and with hurried steps to get out of the cold we were back in our igloos. Unfortunately, as our luck would have it the Northern Lights would remain elusive (cloudy days also equate to "warmer" ones - so I guess we kind of won on that point? No -40 degree temperatures for us!), and with a few snaps of the igloo & some of the stars in the sky we fell asleep - thankful of the days we just had past.

Our flight back to London via Helsinki was the next day, and once we all woke up we quickly headed to breakfast (at Celebration House) and then used the remainder of the time we had left in the Village to explore. We admired Santa's House, a traditional Sami teepee, some reindeer, the rest of the log cabins in the village, and overall the magical winter wonderland that it was. 

Before we knew it, our time was up here, and our transfer to Ivalo airport arrived to take us back home. We waved a happy goodbye to this town, this was a place that left us so many unforgettable memories! 

We stayed: Kakslauttanen Arctic Village, We Flew: Norwegian Airlines


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