48 hours in: Ubud

Komeneka at Bisma

Komeneka at Bisma

If you're looking for culture in Bali, Ubud is definitely the cultural hub of Bali. It's also a completely different climate there, as it is within rainforests & those pretty terraced rice paddies always popping on Instagram.  

Visit Ubud market, do a yoga class (we had a free yoga class offered at our hotel! yay for free!) but there are many offerings available if your hotel doesn't offer this, or check out the multiple temples in the area.

Also available to do from Ubud (something we did) was do a sunrise hike on Mount Batur. This requires a 2am start (okay, not ideal for all no matter how much of a morning person you are, but oh so worth it!) as the start point of the hike is approximately 1 hour away from hotels located in Ubud. You can either pre-organise your tour or you can ask your hotel to do it for you; we asked the friendly staff at Komeneka Bisma to help us organise our tour for us :) Arriving at the start point we were given a warm cup of coffee (so needed at 3am!) and a breakfast of pancakes in a little hut in the middle of nowhere to fuel us. The walk started while it was still dark and we were given torches to help us navigate our way up the mountain and an easy 2 hours later we were more or less at the top (there were 3 sites to choose from to wait for the sunrise; the first stop was super crowded, the second stop had a lot less people & the last stop was all the way up a steep slope - needless to say we chose the 2nd stop!).

We waited patiently for sunrise and while waiting we were given a volcano steamed hard boiled egg & some bread. FYI tea & coffee is also available to purchase while you're waiting if you get cold sitting around! When sunrise finally happened, boy what a sight it was - the fog had just lifted and with that an undescribable glow around Mount Agung and Mount Rinjani in the background made the 2am wake up so worthwhile. The ads about Bali don't lie with #hotlikeasunrise ;)

After sunrise our guide showed us around the top of the mountain and as it's still an active volcano there are sections where steam vents can be found. After a few more photos we decided to make our way down before the crowds started making their way down. From pick up until drop off back at the hotel took us about 5 hours, after which we had our second breakfast at Komeneka & lounged by the amazing infinity pool until torrential rains decided it was time to cover Ubud.

Also while we're talking about Ubud I have to mention Naughty Nuri's Pork Ribs - delicious, delectable, juicy, fall off the bone ribs. This is a hands down, must visit place to eat at when you're in Bali. I dipped / helped myself to a generous serving of super spicy sambal, while Matt just ate his as is, both ways just as delicious depending on your penchant for the spicy things in life! Tip: While we were having dinner, we heard people order ribs and they had sold out at 730pm, so be sure to get there early to get your hands on these ribs!


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