48+ Hours in: The Lakes District

The Lakes District is somewhere that was on our to go list for ages as we've heard amazing things about it - beautiful scenery, plethora of walks & great English Countryside. As we knew we needed longer than just a normal weekend, we made the most of the long weekend in May to take the time to explore the region. We made our way up to the Lakes District on a Friday night after work and after a 5ish-6 hour drive up we made it up to our booked cottage in Water Yeat.

We spent a total of 3 nights up at the Lake to make the 5 hour drive worthwhile, but in terms of activities (2 x hikes & 1 x delicious brunch out) took us 2.5 days. With the amount of hikes & walks available it can be difficult narrowing down what to do while at the lakes and not feeling like you're "missing out" (who doesn't have FOMO right?). With this in mind we decided to do the Scafell Pike on the Saturday (total of 5 hours) and the Great Langdale hike on the Sunday (we did a portion of the hike which took us 5 hours). 

We chose Scafell Pike as this is the highest point in England and what better way to see the Lakes District by getting to the highest point possible. There are several routes to get up to the top and we ascended by taking the "easy option", a slightly longer but gentle way up. We decided by just looking at the "harder option" - full of loose rocks and a decent incline, and thought instead to enjoy the walk up to the summit. We weren't sure what to expect upon arriving at the peak, and let's just say we were delighted to get to the top, however were happy to just have a quick lunch & make our way back down again! On our way down we did a mini detour & made our way up another peak, one way less crowded & with better & more spectacular views (you can see Matt in his red top sitting & gazing out into the distance at that peak!)

The Great Langdale hike was supposed to be a gentler, as we had an addition of 2 friends on the Sunday. I really enjoyed this hike, it had a mix of terrain; including large rocks which we had to hoist ourselves up on to, lush green fields & a stunning lake to look down towards as we making the 2nd ascent up to the top. 

We stayed at a cottage in Water Yeat (Beebole House) which was a cute & quaint little country hide out. We absolutely loved having a cottage to stay in and equipped with a kitchen, it's such a breath of fresh air getting to stay in and cook a hearty, wholesome meal & enjoyed by the group of us after a whole day spent outdoors. We did reward ourselves on the Sunday evening & had dinner at the Swan Hotel, a beautiful old hotel that has been refurbished inside, and with a bustling pub slash restaurant on the ground floor. The food was satisfying, hearty & filled all of us up with the generous portions. 

Before we knew it our long weekend at the Lakes District was over and the journey back to London commenced on the Monday, via a quick stop for brunch in Windermere. Windermere is a lovely town, and I can definitely see the appeal in staying in Windermere & chilling around the town - long hikes aren't everyone's idea of a relaxing holiday! 

As we bid farewell to the Lakes District I promised myself we would be back, knowing there is plenty of beautiful nature & terrain to see & experience on our next trip up here!

Images by Matt Chong


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