When the email for Norwegian airlines promotion for fares from £29.90 came through my inbox we jumped right on the offer and quickly scanned through the offers to see where we could go. One of the places that caught our eye was Trondheim as initial searches of Trondheim found us a quaint little Norwegian town with a picture perfect river view.

Upon planning the weekend we found out there was only a couple of hours of daylight; from 945am to 230pm to be exact! This was precisely the reason we had to plan our weekend there to a tee to make sure we got the most of the limited daylight hours. 

The city centre of Trondheim was a quick 30 minutes bus ride on the Vaernes Ekspressen and the 2nd bus stop at Bakkegata was right opposite our hotel Scandic Bakklandet, definitely super handy as no one enjoys trudging through cold winter nights to get to their hotel!

Breakfast in Norwegian hotels are hands down one of the best European breakfasts on offer so safe to say I was very excited for breakfast on Saturday morning. Upon surveying the spread I was definitely not disappointed, with at least 4 types of salmon and a variety of other fish available. Of course, if fish isn't your thing there was plenty of hot dishes on offer as well as the typical continental breakfast you'd expect to see. 

After we filled up we hurried outside to make the most of the limited daylight we were going to get for the day. We must have crossed both the Bakke Bru bridge and the Gamle bybru (old gate) about 10 times in the space of the first hour whilst capturing the different views of the Nidelva river. While we were on the old town side of Trondheim, we spotted the wooden platform the university students of Trondheim University designed and from this platform you can get that picture perfect shot of the Nidelva river with the wooden houses of Bakklandet in the backdrop. With not many people around, it was certainly a very peaceful lookout!

We eventually tired of crossing the bridge and decided to walk along the river on the Bakklandet side on the opposite side of the cathedral and it definitely was a perfect day to do it; blue skies, crisp air and our bodies warm and toasty.

We headed back into the city centre when we hit Elgeseter Bru bridge and weaved in and out of the streets, admiring the cathedral and sculptures that were on display in front of the cathedral. 

A key way of keeping warm in cold weather (& by cold i'm referring to -1 C) is constantly moving, obviously apart from wearing warm & enough layers of clothing! To do this we power walked up the hill to Kristiansten Festning and from there looked over the town of Trondheim & watched the skies turned pink and purple; way too romantic!

It being so close to Christmas we were lucky during the weekend we were there the Christmas markets were on! I always enjoy going to Christmas markets when it gets slightly later in the day as the sun is about to set and the crowdS slowly flock to the markets. Norwegian Christmas markets are different to the German ones we've been to as instead of lots of Bratwursts being sold there were lots of dried & pickled fish for sale instead! 

There was an indoor and outdoor version of the markets, the indoor one sold all the food produce although super crowded inside which definitely makes for a warm and cosy atmosphere!

Apart from the pickled & dried fish on sale, the rest of the produce at the outdoor version of the Christmas markets was typical of what you would find at any other European Christmas market which always makes for a festive atmosphere!

I absolutely loved the fire pits inside the food tents/teepees, an extremely amazing way to warm up our cold little hands.

Feeling a bit peckish we decided to grab a bite at Super Hero Burger - apparently one of the best places for burgers in Trondheim. Although it looks pretty unassuming from the outside we were very pleasantly surprised with the quality of the burgers & some amazing hot sauce as well! We noticed a few board games lying around which is a great idea to pass some time whilst keeping warm!

Upon strong recommendations from our hotel concierge we indulged in some sushi at Kyoto before setting off to Ilsivka to attempt to view the elusive Northern Lights. Indeed elusive, we only saw a faint glow in the distance but that's about as good as it got for us - next time!

The next morning after filling up on the tasty Norwegian breakfast we headed over to Svartlamon, what we thought would be the slightly hipster neighbourhood and likened to Christiania in Copenhagen. When we got there in the morning (possibly too early) we were greeted with some cool graffiti and super quiet streets, almost eerie, although we imagine it would be way busier when the temperatures are warmer though! 

We strolled around the dock area while being careful not to slip on the newly fallen snow (how exciting!) and continued to work up an appetite. We warmed up at the oh so quaint and traditional Baklandet Skydsstation and had their famous fish soup, which completely satisfied us since it was surprisingly way tastier than we thought it would be. We highly recommend booking a table - we actually wanted to eat here on Saturday but they were fully booked out so we were glad we managed to get a booking for the Sunday instead. 

Sunset is definitely the best time to take photos of the river and the pretty houses right on the water - the colours in the sky, the reflections on the water, the lights - everything! Just as the sun set we hopped right on the bus back to the airport!

We Flew: Norwegian Airlines, We Stayed: Rica Bakklandet Trondheim


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