Salzburg, the home of the birthplace of Mozart and the backdrop to plenty of scenes out of the Sound of Music was definitely one of our firm favourites as a city and for the Christmas markets! This blog post is our 2nd of our Christmas Market series!

Stroll around Mirabellgarten in the morning before the crowds swarm in so you can take your time soaking in the peacefulness of the garden. This garden is also famous for being in the sound of music gardens with the famous fountain featured in the do re mi scene.

If you've read a few of our posts on our blog you'll know we're always searching for the best possible viewpoint we can get to. In Salzburg, you'll find that viewpoint at mönchsberg, one of the five mountains surrounding the city and easily accessible via a lift from Anton-Neumayr-Platz for a small price of 3.50 Euros. Once up there's a little multiple pathways into the woods to roam around which are very romantic to say the least!

If you have some extra time, or if you just love European castles head to Salzburg castle that sits upon a hill. To explore the castle adequately factor in about half a day to explore and you can also appreciate different views of the city from the castle, which we definitely don't think we can ever get enough of.

On the way to dinner at St. Peter stiftskeller where you can enjoy a classic Mozart dinner, wander through the Christmas market in the square. Christmas markets always seem to have such a different vibe & air at night than during the day, maybe it's the all the Christmas lights sparkling against the dark night or the colder temperatures, but I find them so magical! 

I arrived at the Mozart dinner with super low expectations, I thought it was a super touristy & gimmicky thing to get tourists into one big hall and feed everyone with a substandard meal, however, I was pleasantly surprised! The food was tastier than I thought ending with a superb dessert and the music (highlight!) played throughout the night was fantastic to say the least!  

The oldest street in Salzburg is getreidegasse and here you can find the prettiest streets in Salzburg! Another fun fact is that the city of Salzburg was declared a UNESCO world heritage site more than a couple of years ago so you're really walking in more than pretty streets! 

Wander over to Judengrasse and visit the Christmas in Salzburg shop - here you can find the biggest collection ever of painted Christmas eggs! Available for purchase are real egg shells that have been decorated or a wooden egg which you don't need to be so worried about breaking in transit! I definitely felt like a bull in a china shop while in here because everything is so fragile! The eggs are so intricately decorated it feels like such a waste to not buy an egg to take home to hang on your own Christmas tree. 

As this is a Christmas market post, visit Salzburg Christkindlmarket, the main Christmas market in this city! Situated right in front of the cathedral square it's everything you imagine a Christmas market in Austria to be!

Also be sure to check out the Christmas market at Mirabellplatz right in front of Mirabell Palace. It's always great to visit sites again for a different purpose right!

Drop into the cathedral after you've wandered around the Christmas markets, completely different as its so peaceful inside!

You can also find little markets dotted around the streets of Salzburg which you can also pop by to indulge in some more Gluhwein and refuel with some snacks & delicious eats at the markets!

If you're a sound of music fan and you have a spare day or 2, definitely check out the sound of music tours that depart everyday from the city centre and enjoy the beautiful landscapes of the northern region of the alps!

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