When H mentioned she wanted a quick weekend away we both hopped onto sky scanner to see what our options were. A few searches later we decided on Basel, a small little city in Switzerland we both didn't know much about! We figured a city situated right along the Rhine couldn't go wrong and we were both right about that!

We flew into Basel-Mulhouse and a quick 20 minute journey on Bus number 50 gets you into the city centre easily. Don't worry too much if you don't have cash, the ticket machine accepts  card payments too! 

First up on the agenda was a jog along the Rhine towards Dreiländereck, the three country corner of Germany, France & Switzerland. The exact point is actually in the water and not on land, however there is a monument of sorts to pinpoint you to the right direction. During this jog we also discovered there were a number of bars set up in old sheds that looked pretty cool and would be perfect on a summer's day. 

Markets are open in Marktplatz everyday except for Sundays and here you can find all types of fresh produce, from flowers to cheese to hams to just everyday knick knacks. Here at Marktplatz is also where the Rathaus is located, an imposing big red city hall where you can spy the local emblem of each region in Switzerland up the top!

H had actually arranged to meet her pen-pal from days gone by (I know right - how small of a world has this become! Who remembers having a pen pal?) and she gave us a brief tour of Basel and told us of little history snippets like how a fire back in the day destroyed a lot of the small town. Just behind the cathedral there is a lookout onto the Rhine and wow - what a view we got! Basel definitely turned it on for us during that weekend I must say!

We went back along the banks of the river and had lunch at the one of the shed places that was mentioned before and enjoyed some lunch and people watching while at it. 

Post lunch we roamed a little around the Altstadt of Basel, and here you will find lots of cute little colourful streets and shops, a dream to wander around on a chilled out afternoon! After the stroll we were ready for our next stop and we hopped to Confiserie Schiesser for some afternoon tea. We had a set of delicious waffles here upstairs in the tea room. If you're after some chocolate to buy home, I highly recommend going up around the corner to Confiserie Brandli! I bought some chocolate almonds to bring home and Matt also thoroughly enjoyed them! 

Next stop was a drink at Bar Rouge, 105 metres up and provides a great view of Basel. Definitely well worth putting on the list to check out!

That night we had booked dinner at Noohn - let's just say it has great decor and atmosphere,  however the food and service are at best average. We did check out a cool little bar Smuk where the bartenders will easily whip up a cocktail for you according to your taste.

The next morning involved a lazy brunch at la fourchette in the multicultural Kleinbasel district. We loved the whole set up of the cafe where locals mingle and catch up and enjoy a bite & some cake! 

Fondation Beyeler (museum which houses 23 Picassos) was next on our list, an easy 20 minute tram ride away (trams 1, 2, & 6 will bring you here) and upon arriving we really felt like we were in the thick of the suburbs in Basel. I was pretty impressed with the architecture of the building, a bright and modern space which certainly was easy on the eye, however we might have just been slightly unfortunate as half of the museum was closed when we went which was slightly disappointing!

Don't miss out on seeing Spalentor gate when in Basel, a former city gate and thought of as one of the most beautiful gates of Switzerland. As it was another extremely beautiful afternoon, we decided the spend the rest of our time in Basel as the locals would do, lounging by the side of the Rhine and enjoying a nice little beverage in the sun. 

We Flew: Easyjet, We Stayed: Adagio Basel City Aparthotel


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