Shipwreck Island was so mesmerising that it was essential that we saw it up close rather than an aerial view from the side. A quick call to the Potamitis Brothers to make sure the boats were operating and off we headed towards the boat port. The boat departs from Skinari Cape close to the lighthouse, which is actually the closest point to Navagio beach (meaning less time to be seasick!) a quick 12 minutes to get to the beach! 

The boat trip also includes a trip to the Blue Caves (this is the first stop before Shipwreck Beach), and on a sunny day the waters are exceptionally blue!

Luckily it was off-season so Shipwreck Beach was as quiet as it could ever be and it felt like we had the whole place to ourselves, peeking in & around the shipwreck, appreciating the size of the shipwreck. I thought it felt bigger than what I had expected and I guess the crew of the time didn’t expect it to shipwreck back then either!

Although from up top it looks like the shipwreck is amongst soft, white sand; it’s actually made up of white limestone and therefore not the most comfortable of surfaces! The white limestone lends itself to some great contrast in colours, the bright cerulean blue against the surrounding limestone cliffs is pretty amazing to be standing amongst!

Longing for a dip in the waters after our time at Shipwreck beach we headed over to Xigia Beach, a beach boasting healing powers in its thermal waters. There’s a definite smell of sulphur in the air which may be unpleasant to some however the promise of warmth in the waters from the thermal outlets were enough to keep us at this beach! 

Slightly clearer skies that evening detoured us back to the lookout point at Navagio, overlooking Shipwreck Beach (this trip was really based all around this mysterious & amazingly picturesque cove, no doubt!). The evening sunset light brought on another dimension at Navagio with the hues of the water a much deeper blue compared to the stronger midday sun, paired with a complete peacefulness of an empty beach was the perfect last look of this cove.

Take 2 of gyros in Zakynthos happened at Gyrosland in Tsivili. The boys decided to having a sharing gyros plate and it was huge! Definitely value for money again!

On day 4, the last full day in Zakynthos we headed to Crow Island or Korakonissi on the south west coast of the island. We actually saw 2 fishermen there on the island although unfortunately there was no catch of the day there for them! While we were heading down (there’s a very obvious pathway down) it started raining on us and we tried to hide under a bit of jutted rock not very successfully. It quickly cleared up though and despite the cloudy weather, the water remained crystal clear – definitely a treat for the eyes! 

Once the skies slightly cleared we drove down to Porto Limmionas with stunning waters but everything had been taken down already sadly! Umbrellas where in the summertime deck chairs would be under. As the sun peeked in and out through the clouds we sat and relaxed around the water while hearing the water lightly lap the shore

Matt was not satisfied not getting his feet wet in the water proposed we headed to Porto Roxa. The restaurants have “beachfront” sunbeds if you purchase something from the restaurant. When the sun escaped from the cover of the clouds the boys quickly jumped into one of the natural swimming pools that can be found at Porto Roxa. Admittedly these water pools were ever so slightly too cold for the boys and they ventured out to sit where the open waters crashed.

The evening we decided to see what the hype was about and try Ideal Restaurant. Dimitri the owner of the restaurant convinced us to go inside and check it out (by offering free dessert, and although I normally don’t get sold by these things Dimitri was actually pretty genuine and convincing) and we were definitely glad we did. 

On our final morning before our flight we had our last cappuccino freddo for our trip at “escape” (okay I know it sounds slightly tacky) but it was definitely one of the better ones we had during our trip! And with the last of the sunshine we jumped back in our trusty little Fiat (hired from merlis car rentals & highly recommended) and headed back to the airport. 

We flew: EasyJet, We Stayed: Vatia Villas


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